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Watch Fruit n Nut Carrot Salad

Watch Fruit n Nut Carrot Salad

Fruit n Nut Carrot Salad

Veg-EZ Video e-Cookbook • 2m 47s

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  • Greek Garbonzo Bean Salad

    Serves 2-4

    Tofu Feta
    to make the Tofu Feta
    ½ Pound Firm or extra firm tofu, drained, pressed dry and diced into ½ inch cubes
    1/3 C. Olive oil
    2 Tbl. Red wine vinegar
    3 Tbl fresh lemon juice
    1 ½ t. dried oregano
    1 t. dehydrated garlic powder
    ½ tsp of salt
    1/8 tsp black pepper

    Place ...

  • Maine Summer Caponata

    Serves 2-4
    Ingredients: 2-3 T. olive oil
    1⁄2 large red onion, cut into wedges
    3 cloves garlic, sliced
    1⁄2 c. pine nuts
    2 baby or small Japanese eggplants, halved lengthwise 1 small Italian eggplant, cut lengthwise into 1⁄2” thick slices
    1⁄2 large red pepper, cut into two wide strips

  • Grilled Tamari Glazed Brussels Sprouts

    Serves 4

    1 lb. Brussels sprouts, washed, any tough outer leaves and stems removed
    Vegetable oil, for brushing
    2 T. vegan margarine
    8 T. tamari or soy sauce
    Fresh lemon juice
    Salt and pepper

    Preheat grill to 425-450 degrees.

    Fill a saucepan with enough water to adequately cover the B...